Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Drunk Night!

They said that consuming alcohol makes you forget things.
It makes you experience that happy state of mind.
That state which you crave to be in.
To be in when you are gutted by the realities of life.
The harsh realities of life.

And hence I thought, why not?! 

But then, in a crowd of friends dancing in the room, some words whispered in my ears, some wise words;
"Don't drink to the extent you are not in your sense, because after some time the real fun will begin".

I looked behind to check who it was, found none. Maybe it was that angel who is always behind me to watch me , guide me, and makes sure I "enjoy" life.

I had no other option than to refrain myself from being out of my senses. I kept a watch on the time. It was half an hour passed the time when I heard those wise words. 
An hour passed. The scenes had changed, but not much. The people who were initially dancing, were in a state of dumbness. The people who were silently drinking in the beginning had now entered the scene, swaying to the trance being played.

And then the action started, the people made chaos.
Started talking like crazy.
Wanted to have sex with each other (well that is what they said, none actually took a step ahead in take aspect, THANK GOD).

There were many people who started acting crazy, the sane people, the people who I never knew could do stuff they were doing. 
What was best for me was to act like them, like being intoxicated. Dance in their style. Be accepted by them.

One of the friends was in such a mood that he liked everyone that day, at time time of the night.
"Hey You! I like you! You are my friend! You are my brother!" hugged and repeated the same to the next person he met.

One person whom we didn't know that he knew Hindi started abusing in Hindi.
For all I know now, after being intoxicated, you start abusing in a language you never speak.
Well alcohol does give you superpowers like that.

Then there were people playing Table Tennis and Badminton and laughing at the fact that they saw 4 balls and 4 shuttles. 

I knew the fun times had begun now, dancing with them, I was accepted as a fellow drunk buddy.

A group of friends decided to go for a stroll.
Walking besides them, making sure they don't fall down and at the same time walking in their fashion, a few steps forward then a step at the side and making sure you are falling but don't fall. I was indeed having a tough task to do as also with 2-3 other friends who were doing what I was.

Just then one of the friend saw a pipe and said "Haila Saap (Snake)"!
And then was the most EPIC line by the someone who is still teased at on this. He replied, "Areey woh sada saap (simple snake) hai! Nagoba (Cobra) nahi! Woh katega nahi! SHOOOO SAAAP SHOOOO".

Then there was a phase where we wanted to laugh, we the people who were just acting our way through the night. We tried to control, looked at each other and burst out laughing.
And just then, there, everyone knew we were not in a state we claimed to be in. 

This and a lot more things happened, some of which I don't remember, maybe because I was a little drunk afterall, slowly came to an end.
Everyone vomiting and going to sleep.

And then was the most difficult part, being in senses and sleeping in a room full of vomit.
But there are some things you can do for friends!

And that was my experience of the first night around drunk people. 
I knew these things happens, just that I had never seen it.
And maybe, just maybe, that voice was my own inner voice! 
You may never know, even if I know it :P 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Be satisfied with life?

A lovely Sunday morning.
Sundays are synonymous with getting up late, having a heavy brunch and then going out to play the sport which every boy in this country loves to play, cricket.
A similar day was in store for me, not knowing that a casual day with casual encounters would actually force me to think deeply about life, mainly satisfaction in life.

Everything was the same as it should be. A late morning. A heavy brunch. And then going to play cricket.

The first encounter was with a boy, in his early twenties almost of my age, driving a Mercedes C Class and taking a turn in high speed while I was crossing the road.
I started to think how easy the life would be for this boy. His father probably a big shot will give him everything that comes out of his mouth, obviously within ethical limits. He enjoying life like how it is shown in movies; a car, parties, no tension, and most importantly A SET LIFE.

While I was pondering over the though of that young rich kid, and getting jealous of him, I suddenly noticed of another boy, of around my age again, standing at the signal. Waiting for the cars to stop. So that he could do what he was there to do,  BEG.
I looked closely at him and noticed that he was disabled, not having one hand and having a white opaque layer formed in one of his eyes. I don't know whether I felt sorry for him or thanked
God that I am better off.

Having seen two drastically different people in a span of just 2 minutes, my mind started thinking deeply about the idea of whether I should be satisfied with life or should ask for more?
I being placed at the very center of the two extremes, there were two approaches and these are the two approaches you often would face in life.
On one side you look at the people better off in life and desire more, more success, more of everything you don't have. And on the other side you look at people not so well off as you are and be thankful that you are not in their position.

Everything said and done, I could not reach a consensus on how should I look at life. There is risk in being too ambitious and you hamper your talents if you look at people below you and be content with what you have.
The best option I had after a day long fight with the two thoughts of my mind, was to sleep and be ready for the next day, another day of hardships, another day of fighting the world.

The thought process could have ended, but the question still remains, somewhere purposely hidden deep inside the brain,
'Whether to look up and walk or be safe and look down and walk and not knowing the heights you can reach?'

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life of an MBA Student

There are trends and latest fads which people follow.
There was a time when being an engineer was one such fad where every parent wanted their parent to be an engineer. Then it resulted in a surge of the engineer; so many of them that most of them didn't have jobs and didn't know what to do.
Humans are known to find solution to every problem. They found a solution to this exponential increase in engineers' problem as well,


People think that becoming a management student is a tough ask. Well to be frank it isn't. If you consider the the 3 years of the involvement in the MBA course, 1 year for preparation and 2 years of the actual course, only that one year of the preparation for the entrance exam is something which would give you sleepless nights. The reason for that is quite simple, India's population.
So many people in our country with changing demographics of more people in youth with the aspirations of the parents of their child being an engineer do ensure that  a person preparing for MBA entrance exams will work the hardest he might in his life. So basically just 33.33% of hard working days in 3 years. It isn't that much, is it?

The life after joining a B School isn't what people think it will be.

Firstly let us look at what people think. Too much work. Competition. Sleepless nights. Always being aware of the surroundings. In short, a situation similar to hell on Earth.

That is actually not what it is. The life at most B Schools is not that tough. Well, it is not tough at all (It does not make sense to include the word "that")

The normal things a student at a B School in India does is:
  1. Reading business newspapers like Economic Times, Business Standard, etc. Why? Just to let everyone know that they are MBA students
  2. Attending lectures (P.S. Ofcourse, till above the safety percentage)
  3. Making presentations
  4. Floating google forms for surveys 
  5. Participating in other college's management competitons
  6. Sleepless nights to catch up with FB friends for likes of some contests
That is about it. Apart from this if one does something else, he would be a notch above the rest, a notch above the horde of management  students passing out of colleges every year.

If you still think that having a MBA students is a tough ask, welcome to reality!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Comfort Zone

There are times when I look at the beggar on the roads and wonder whether their life is easy or not compared to my life. There are some points which makes me want to believe that his life is easier than mine. Not getting up early every morning, not having to compete with a million others to make a place for yourself in this cruel and competitive world, being with your family all the time and living each day not thinking about what will happen tomorrow.
Ofcourse there are those many points like the luxuries which negates all of it and might be that puts me in a better position than him; but still what is that one thing which made my opinions shift a little initially?
One reason could be that I have not slept enough and I am going crazy, but the probable reason is that they are in their comfort zone while I am not.

Being in a comfort level is what everyone wants; afterall as Sheldon said 'It is called comfort zone for that reason precisely'. But what happens when you remain in your comfort zone for a longer time than desirable? You end up wasting your capabilities and talents and be satisfied with what you have.
It is the necessity of this current world that to survive in it, you have to move out of your comfort zone and explore things which you might do well and grab every opportunity which comes your way.

Being an engineer, it would be logical if I expressed this in a form which engineers are good at, graphs.

  • At the start you at point A, a point where you are in your comfort zone and do your tasks
  • Now at B, a low comfort; you are exposed to people who are better than you. It would be a normal human behavior to outperform your previous efforts and put in more efforts and excel
  • You excel and end up at point D
  • Then you be in that position and your comfort level in that position rises and slowly you end up in point C, a maximum comfortable position.
  • Now again you are forced to excel, you come to D and then end up at F

This process continues and you will hardly notice that you are actually increasing in the "excellence" parameter.
Afterall it is what people want, excellence. And it is not that difficult to achieve.
You just have to move out of your comfort zone!

So what are you waiting for? Someone to push you or would you do it yourself?

And remember,
Always exceed your own expectations!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Love? Pure?

There was a boy
Alone in his world
Happy in that world
Not wanting to share his life with anybody
Nor wanted to be a part of somebody

Then came a girl
Pretty as she appeared
Similar as everyone to him
His chances of liking her were dim

Girl talked to the boy
Wanted to use him like a toy
Unaware of the intentions
He fell for her untrue concerns

Her intentions seemed to be true
In his stomach the butterflies flew
Falling for her every single day
Believing everything she had to say

She was satisfy with the attention she got
She is the one is what he thought
She showed him the exist door
As rudely as one can abhor

Dying in her thoughts he lived his life
Remembering the day they had that strife

She continues to be happy and still enjoys
As he was one of her many toys.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A modern age love story!

Love stories what I think I knew of was like...
The boy sees the girl...
The girl feels shy and looks away...
A few more awkward looks exchanged...
The girl finally looks straight in the eyes of the boy...
Love struck...
Both of them.

A story which seems to be too good to be true.
Believed that this was the only type of love stories; and just then I came across a new type of love story...

Modern age; where mostly things are governed by internet and virtual world. Who would have thought that a love story could emerge through this?! Atleast I didn't!

There was a boy who had a crush on a girl since his junior college. Not knowing how to approach the girl. A bit shy, a bit reserved in his own way when it came to talking to girls.
Time passed, two years of the junior college went by in awkward hi-hellos, a wave of the hand and exchange of smiles.
Hiding the feeling he had for her, unaware of the fact that she was going through the same thing, the shyness, as he was.

He opted for engineering and she opted for medical. Fields which ensured that both were busy enough to forget about their feeling. 
Busy in making a name for themselves, they  pushed the memory and thoughts of each other at the back of their mind.
Then came the savior of this story: Whatsapp.

A lot of days were spent in figuring out whether to send a message, whether it would be awkward to establish contact after such a long time.
The boy gathered courage and sent that first "Hi".
And then began a series of long chats. Late at nights lying in bed, texting each other. Still unaware whether they should tell the other person about the feeling.
A few more days passed, days to weeks, weeks to a couple of months.
Th girl had got enough hints about the feelings of the boy, btw girls are smart than what boys think about them!

And then, the first :*

People though emoticons don't express like words do. But infact they do express more than what a shy person could possibly express in the real world.

With that one kiss emoticon began the love story of two people who feared all the 3 years of knowing each other.

Who says expressing love online is a waste? Eventually it has to come in the real physical sense!  

It is just about that connection!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The tough task of reducing weight!

When I was growing up, I found that I was the only fat person living on the planet. Or maybe one in a thousand. This was the time I decided that to feel less awkward at public places there was a need to reduce weight. Lot of things tried. Lost hope. Gave up. Tried again and so on.

 As I grew up, people started getting fatter. I was the less uncommon person, with the one in a thousand changing to one in ten people. The realisation was comforting but it didn't dim my aim which I had set as a child. Not an easy thing to do, but not an impossible thing either. I have not achieved the target yet, but I will. One day for sure.

This journey is not as easy as teasing these fat people is for normal people. Lot of eforts.
Weight is completely opposite to money. Gaining is easy and losing is difficult.
There are many challenges which you face, which may make this journey longer.

The most common of the things is that you may end up losing hope that you ever will lose weight. It is not as easy as it sounds to be. Fat people often wish that it was as easy as eating what crave for like pizza, chocolates, etc. But the story is completely different.

The most crucial barrier in this journey is your mother. No denying that she will motivate you throughout, but she won't even realise that she is weakening your will to achieve what even she wants you to achieve.

Take for an instance that you plan to go on a diet plan. Some plan where you are supposed to eat less, and literally starve. You mom feel overflow of her motherhood feelings and end up saying things like;

"Aaj toh Sunday hai, ek din ka break toh chalta hai. Kuch nahi hoga. Le chicken kha"

"Arrey idli me kuch fattening nahi hota. Ye sab chalta hai"

"Kitna weak lag raha hai. Abhi ek meal kar ache se, baad me wapas diet kar lena"

Little does she knows that what she is doing is just making your curbed cravings to surface up. To make to lose control of your will.
All the "chalta hai" eventually results in making a satyanash of all your plans, just that one meal.
And then it is again back to normal, how it was.

This is the time when I look at people who are thin and eat a lot. I wonder where does all the food go. How don't they put on weight. Times when I wish I was like them and wonder whether they knew how lucky they are.

Anyways, my life is still on that road; the destination still to be reached. And I better keep walking, or rather running :P